Rapid ideation for UX teams by David Nguyen

Rapid ideation for UX teams

Ever work on a project and feel like you hit the creative wall? Enroll to learn techniques to creatively challenge your team’s UX layouts.

What is this course about?

Ever work on a project and feel like you just hit the creative wall, stuck with the same ideas over and over again?

This course will dive deep into the world of creative ideation, and we’ll cover a variety of frameworks and techniques to challenge your design and development teams to think outside the traditional box. 

You’ll learn and participate in hands-on exercises that emphasize the divergent and convergent thinking skills that are critical in creating high-quality ideas.

What topics will this course cover?

Within this course, you’ll generate, evaluate, and refine tons of ideas. Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Rapid idea creation: Jump into the world of ideation through techniques and activities focuses on generating as many ideas as possible within a short amount of time.
  • Stretching your imagination: With design Constraints, we’ll push your imagination to its limits, leading to even more innovative concepts.
  • Evaluating design concepts: With tons of ideas created, you’ll learn to evaluate concepts at a deeper level that ladder up to the goals of your design.
  • Converging to your solution: Having created 30+ designs, you'll learn to align on the final few options to evolve into creative and impactful designs.

Who is this course for?

We've designed this course specifically for those with a few years of experience in UX, as well as those who are just starting out.

  • Designers: Participate in tried-and-true techniques to generate a massive quantity of new ideas during the concept phase.
  • Product Managers: Learn and practice proven techniques to start generating lots of ideas.
  • Developers: Want to contribute ideas in the design process? Learn how to make sure your ideas are heard and valued.
  • Founders: Have an idea for the next big thing? Enroll to learn various techniques to get your idea out of your head and share it visually with others.

What previous students said.

I am not a UX designer so I was a bit nervous about attending this ... but it was set up in a way that anyone could find value and learn things to apply to their role.
Margaret Odisho, eCommerce Strategist
The activities—especially card constraints—were generative and fun. I can see them working really well to engage stakeholders (especially non-designers) in the ideation process.
Adam Prince, Web Designer, Illumina
It's a really practical way to help teams explore a messy problem space and come up with innovative possible solutions.
Josh Stanley, Product Manager, Trials.io

What's included?

Video Icon 33 videos File Icon 13 files Text Icon 10 text files


Introduction to rapid ideation for UX teams
1.01 - Introduction to the course
3 mins
1.02 - Congrats! You finished the course introduction!
The power of sketching
2.01 - Introduction to the power of sketching
4 mins
2.02 - Introduction to 16 Circles
3 mins
2.03 - 16 Circles activity
2 mins
2.04 - 16 Circles worksheet
35.3 KB
2.05 - 16 Circles discussion
4 mins
2.06 - The power of sketching: Quiz
2.07 - Congrats! You finished the power of sketching!
Course scenario
3.01 - Introduction to the course scenario
2 mins
3.02 - Course scenario worksheet
40 KB
3.03 - Course scenario
3.04 - Congrats! You finished the course scenario!
The 3 Rooms approach
4.01 - Introduction to the 3 Rooms approach
3 mins
4.02 - 3 Rooms approach worksheet
40.8 KB
4.03 - The 3 Rooms approach: Quiz
4.04 - Congrats! You finished the 3 Rooms approach!
Room 1: Uncover lots of ideas
5.01 - Introduction to Room 1
2 mins
5.02 - Introduction to the Creativity Matrix
3 mins
5.03 - Creativity Matrix: Problem statements and Lenses
5 mins
5.04 - Creative Matrix: Enablers
4 mins
5.05 - Creativity Matrix: Ideas
4 mins
5.06 - Creative Matrix: Activity
2 mins
5.07 - Creativity Matrix worksheet
1.16 MB
5.08 - Creativity Matrix: Activity discussion
4 mins
5.09 - Creativity Matrix: Quiz
5.10 - Introduction to Crazy 8s
4 mins
5.11 - Crazy 8s: Activity
3 mins
5.12 - Crazy 8s worksheet
726 KB
5.13 - Crazy 8s: Activity discussion
3 mins
5.14 - Crazy 8s: Quiz
5.15 - Introduction to Constraints
7 mins
5.16 - Constraints: Activity
2 mins
5.17 - Constraints worksheet
2 MB
5.18 - Constraints: Activity discussion
3 mins
5.19 - Constraints website
5.20 - Constraints: Quiz
5.21 - Introduction to displaying your ideas
2 mins
5.22 - Display your ideas worksheet
84.8 KB
5.23 - Displaying your ideas: Quiz
5.24 - Congrats! You finished Room 1: Uncover lots of ideas!
Room 2: Find the good ideas.
6.01 - Introduction to finding good ideas
3 mins
6.02 - Introduction to Dotmocracy
4 mins
6.03 - Dotmocracy: Activity
2 mins
6.04 - Dotmocracy worksheet
2.24 MB
6.05 - Dotmocracy: Activity discussion
4 mins
6.06 - Dotmocracy: Quiz
6.07 - Congrats! You finished Room 2: Find the good ideas!
Room 3: Refine the best ideas.
7.01 - Introduction to refining the best ideas
3 mins
7.02 - Introduction to the Concept Poster
6 mins
7.03 - Concept Poster: Activity
2 mins
7.04 - Concept poster worksheet
2.3 MB
7.05 - Concept Poster: Activity discussion
4 mins
7.06 - Concept Poster: Quiz
7.07 - Introduction to the Gallery
4 mins
7.08 - Gallery: Activity
3 mins
7.09 - Gallery worksheet
41.2 KB
7.10 - Gallery: Activity discussion
2 mins
7.11 - Gallery: Quiz
Congrats! You finished Room 3: Refine the best ideas!
8.01 - Course recap
4 mins
8.02 - Submit feedback on the course
8.03 - Want a discount on future courses?
8.04 - Thank you!
8.05 - Entire course workbook
7.67 MB

About the facilitator

Brian Bimschleger
Head of Strategy and Design Education

Brian leads client services and workshop development at Arthur. He has a knack for unraveling complex problems, leading teams and helping others make their digital products easier to use.

Across several agencies, he has followed his passion by building and scaling products in telecom, global application-to-person (A2P) messaging, agile development, and source code management (SCM) industries. Outside of work, he loves the Patriots, whiteboards, and beach life.


If I purchase the course, how long do I have access to the content?

Once you puchase the course, you have access to the content forever. Woohoo!

What is the refund policy?

We think that you'll love the course. But stuff happens. We'll refund 100% of the purchase price within 7 days of your initial purchase.

I'm not a UX designer. Will I find this course valuable?

Yes! We've designed the content, activities, and discussion to allow for students from all departments and roles to participate equally.

I'd like to get access for my entire team. Is there team pricing available?

mailto:education@arthur.designSure thing. Send us an email at education@arthur.design and we'll figure something out.

Is special pricing available for students or military?

Yup. Send us and email at education@arthur.design and we'll share a discount code with you,